Gustavo Cova was born on July13th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

From an early age he started working as a director’s assistant after making several short films. He graduated from Avellaneda’s Visual Arts Institute at 22 with a  feature film.:

 "Somebody is Watching You" (1988) (Alguien te esta Mirando) -

An Advertising Film Director since 1993, he has also worked as a director in TV shows and documentaries. His work shows his skill in visual effects and animation, where he has been an innovator in the use of several resources in his country. Being one of the best qualified directors in terms of post-production, he always makes use of new technologies to benefit the story.

Gustavo Cova was the Director of:

Olocoons (2005/6/7), 3D animation series for children, commissioned by Bimbo Mexico, last three seasons on Televisa .

City Hunters (2006), animation series for an adult audience, premiered in Latin America by Fox Channel. Female characters designed by Milo Manara.

Boogie, el Aceitoso (2009) 2D animation feature film made in Illusion Studios, Argentina.

Gaturro (2010) 3D animation feature film made in Illusion Studios in coproduction with Toonz Animation, India.

Peter Punk (2010/12) directed several episodes of the TV serie produced by Illusion Studios with Disney Channel.

BITTER RED LIPS (2013) - Rouge Amargo - feature film, a thriller-action movie.

Los Creadores (2015) transmedia IDoTainment, live Action + Animation TV series.

Mini Beat Power Rockers (2017) he is directing an animated series for Discovery Kids at MUNDOLOCO CGI.